The Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering degree is a professional master’s degree that provides in-depth technical knowledge relevant to your career interest beyond that of a bachelor degree. The Master of Engineering degree is a coursework-only degree which includes at least 4 hours of professional development coursework. In MechSE, we’ve designed this degree to offer extreme flexibility so you can choose coursework from any of our graduate-level offerings in biomechanics, controls and dynamics, fluid mechanics and thermal sciences, nanomechanics and nanomanufacturing, and solid mechanics and materials.

Have an idea for a project-based component for your degree? No problem. Reach out to a faculty member with your idea, and you can earn up to 4 hours of credit through an Independent Study project.

Credit Requirements

Thirty-two hours of graduate level coursework, which must include at least 12 hours of MechSE departmental coursework (ME or TAM), 3 hours of applied math, and 4 hours of professional development. An elective requirement is also included.

At least 12 credits must be 500-level coursework, and 8 of the 500-level coursework credits must be within the MechSE department (ME or TAM).  Additional criteria is explained below.
Admission or enrollment in the Master of Engineering program is not transferable to MechSE Master of Science programs.

ME or TAM coursework 12-20 hours
Applied math/computational science course, from approved list 3-4 hours
Electives, selected in consultation with advisor

–  May include max 4 hours special topics

–  Min 4 elective hours must be completed outside of MechSE

4-8 hours
Professional development (may include max of 4 hours special topics)
View suggested professional development courses here.
4-8 hours
Total degree credit 32 hours


Additional requirements

  • Minimum of 12 500-level credit hours applied toward the degree, 8 of which must be in ME or TAM.
  • Maximum of 4 hours of independent study may be applied toward degree requirements.
  • Minimum program GPA is 3.0.


Credit Restrictions

No course used to fulfill any degree requirement may be taken using the “Credit/No Credit” or “Audit” options.  All degree requirements must be fulfilled with graduate-level standard letter grade courses.

Time Limitations

Master of Engineering students are allotted up to five calendar years after first registration in the Graduate College. However, the Department expects most full-time candidates for the Master of Engineering degree will be able to complete all of the requirements in one year.